Wint White Sangria - Gin, Punch (B,U) Print



The Wint White Sangria, created by Nicole, is a tasty and easy to make punch that's great for large gatherings!


Wint White Sangria

2 bottles white wine (sauvignon blanc)

500ml Wint & Lila Gin

2Lt Apple Juice

1Lt Lemonade

1Lt Soda Water

3 Large red apples, 3 large oranges, 1 punnet strawberries, mint


Slice all fruit and add to bottom of dispenser (or punch bowl). Throw in large handfuls of ice and add the rest of the liquid ingredients. Add mint leaves last and give it all a stir.


Nikki's Note: Depending on how brave you are feeling add as much as a full bottle of Wint gin!